The Group

The FRIO Group aims to ensure the long-term development of each of its brands while protecting what makes them unique and strong.

Our Story

Frio, a refrigeration specialist, was founded in 1993. The group designs, manufactures and markets wine cellars under various brands. The group also manufactures and markets domestic refrigeration (refrigerators, freezers) and professional refrigeration (refrigerated display cabinets, chest freezers, ice cream freezers) under the Frigelux brand, medical refrigeration under the Medifroid brand and air treatment (air purifiers and mobile air conditioners) under the Climadiff brand.

Our ambition is to consolidate our leading position in the European market, particularly in the wine cellar sector.

Cave a vin groupe frio

Our Values

Leading global player in the field of wine cellars


As experts, we put our technical and technological skills at the service of wine and every year we design new models that are ever more efficient so that your wine investment is as well kept in your home as in a natural cellar.


Know-how and expertise recognised for almost 30 years. Just like your needs, our ranges evolve in a process of constant improvement. Our mission is to meet and anticipate your needs.


Leading products, leading service! Our after-sales and consumer services are based in France with our sales teams and spread to our international network. We ensure the availability of products and spare parts, storage, logistics and administrative management of our brands.

Our missions

To create products and services that make your daily life easier and more pleasant !

To propose solutions that meet and anticipate your existing needs.

We support you and make your life easier!

We aim to strike the right balance between growth and competitiveness, with the objective of offering you the right products.

With a passionate and motivated team, the FRIO Group is able to weather turbulent times with aplomb and agility, seizing every opportunity for development and focusing on excellence while improving its competitiveness and performance.