Climadiff reinvents itself with a new visual identity

Climadiff, a brand of the Frio Group, European leader in wine cellars, offers wine lovers ageing and conservation solutions that combine expertise and innovation. The fruit of the passion of a line of winegrowers, Climadiff embodies the art of living and the heritage of French winegrowing. With this new visual identity, combining tradition and modernity, Climadiff wanted to highlight its founding values: heritage, age-old traditional know-how and a passion for oenology.

The essential values of the brand: the essence of its positioning

Climadiff is committed to perpetuating its excellence in the art of preserving wine, by combining contemporary aesthetics with a guarantee of conservation for the greatest vintages. Its values are an integral part of its identity and guide its new visual identity.

Heritage: Climadiff preserves great vintages, honouring the talent of winegrowers. Carefully preserved in the wine cellars, each vintage ages, grows and is transformed into an authentic oenological heritage.

Tradition: Climadiff favours durability and stability over novelty and trends. The primary purpose of the brand’s cellars is to preserve wine. Adapted to today’s world, Climadiff wine cellars contain preserved know-how.

Passion: Climadiff offers unique expertise and a fresh perspective on wine and its mysteries. Wine cellars embody the passion that accompanies each bottle to its peak or ideal temperature, for perfect tasting.

A logo at the crossroads of tradition and modernity

The new logo embodies both the traditional and the modern aspects of the company. With its cluster of grapes, it conveys a powerful visual identity firmly rooted in the world of wine. The brand name is presented in full, its thick, modern typography ensuring optimum legibility, reflecting its durability and longevity.

The colour: from wine sediment to bottle green

The values of Heritage, Tradition and Passion [PL1] are also expressed in the brand’s colour palette. The traditional dregs of wine have been abandoned in favour of a deep bottle green. Green stands out from the standard wine cellar colour code and has a strong emotional meaning of trust and security.

About the FRIO group:

As the European leader and a key global player in the wine cellar sector, Frio Entreprise offers wine cellars and wine accessories to professionals and private individuals alike, based on the expertise of its flagship brands: La Sommelière, Climadiff, Avintage, Provintech and TempTech. A partner of leading national and international distributors and kitchen designers, the group exports to more than 80 countries. Based in Arnage (near Le Mans), the Frio Group will employ around one hundred people worldwide by the end of 2021, with the integration of Temptech, and will have a turnover of 75 million euros.

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