The Frio Group’s Connected Wine Cellars at IFA 2023.

dévoile ses caves à vin novatrices

The increasingly connected FRIO Group unveils its innovative wine cellars at the IFA in Berlin.

Arnage – 30th August 2023 –
At the IFA (stand no. 103, Hall 3.1), the Frio Group, European leader in the leader in wine cellars, will be showcasing its latest products under the La Sommelière Sommelière, Climadiff, Avintage and Temptech brands. Models featuring cutting-edge will delight discerning wine lovers.


La Sommelière: ECELLAR innovation now available to kitchen professionals   

ECELLAR.BI150: French connectivity now available to kitchen designers

The only truly connected wine cellar in the world to be manufactured in France, the ECELLAR French wine cellar has been eagerly awaited by kitchen designers as a built-in/removable version. It is now available for kitchen networks keen to offer a genuine ageing cellar that can be integrated directly into the kitchen, with fully automated wine register management thanks to the partnership with Vivino®.

Voted “Grand prix de l’innovation 2022” at the Paris trade fair for its 185-bottle model, the ECELLAR is now available in a built-in/sealed version. The ECELLAR.BI150 is perfectly suited to today’s lifestyles, and its mixed layout means it can be installed in a living room or integrated into a kitchen. This new cellar, with a capacity of 149 bottles, is equipped with 11 intelligent shelves that autonomously detect bottles added to and removed from the cellar.

Connected to the Vinotag® application, the racks communicate in real time to keep an accurate record of the wines, instantly locate the exact position of a specific bottle, find places that are still available, be alerted to peak dates and stock levels and advise on the best position to ensure the best ageing of your wine thanks to ESommelier® technology. As an ageing cellar, the ECELLAR.BI150 is equipped with an anti-vibration system and a digital thermometer, and reproduces the conservation conditions of a natural cellar.

Recommended retail price: €4,990 inc.

Points of sale: kitchen retailers and

ECS81.2Z: remote service and control

The ECS range is a new addition to La Sommelière’s range of connected wine cellars. Temperature, lighting and alarms can all be set remotely, so you can keep an eye on your finest vintages thanks to its compatibility with the Vinotag® application.

At tasting temperature and displayed in a veritable showcase, the great vintages are divided into two compartments with independent temperature management, so you can bring all your bottles, whatever the type of wine, to tasting temperature in the same cellar.

The range includes 3 models: ECS31.2Z (29 bottles), ECS51.2Z (49 bottles) and ECS81.2Z (75 bottles).

Recommended retail price: from €599 incl. VAT

Points of sale: specialist retailers and

APOGEE185DZPRO: connectivity, design and professional standards

The iconic Apogée range, with remote control, has been enhanced with a new dual-zone temperature control system with telescopic shelves: the APOGEE185DZPRO dual-zone ageing and temperature control cellar. Designed to meet the needs of restaurants and offer quick access to every bottle, it features 14 sliding steel wire shelves for multiple bottle formats. This new vintage can preserve and enhance up to 184 bottles, divided into two independently adjustable temperature zones. Both the cellar and the wines are given pride of place, with the rounded, unusual case revealing a “label view” presentation of the wines through triple glazing with UV protection. As well as highlighting the wine selection, the “label view” presentation, coupled with LED side lighting, makes it easy to identify the bottles. In terms of use, the cellar offers a number of options: temperature control or ageing, the choice is left to the owner.

Finally, like the rest of the Apogée range, the cellar offers a remote control function, so you can use the Vinotag® app to control the parameters of your wine cellar (temperature, lighting, alarms) remotely and at any time, from your smartphone.

Recommended retail price: from €2,190 incl. VAT

Points of sale: specialist retailers and

Avintage: connectivity & lighting

PLATINUM RANGE & 88 CM UNDERBED: light up your wines

The PLATINUM range, which can be integrated into a column, is also equipped with a shelf with a label display, preserving the brand’s DNA by showcasing wine cellars in kitchens and their precious bottles.

With PLATINUM wine cellars, AVINTAGE offers a rich range that brings together the very best in the world of wine cellars. Cutting-edge equipment for design, optimum label display, all with intelligent connectivity for cellar operation and registers.

Points of sale: specialist kitchen retailers


Temptech: Skagen ,a new series aimed at kitchen professionals

SKX6070DKF: Kitchen door cladding

The Skagen series, which will be launched during 2023, is our brand new series aimed at kitchen professionals. SKX6070DKF allows you to use a kitchen frame of your choice combined with a PUSH-PULL door opening, making the most seamless installation possible. The door frame of your wine cellar will be identical to the furniture in your kitchen. With a width of 60 cm and an adjustable height, the wine cellar respects the standard dimensions of household appliances and fits into any kitchen. The cabinet is fitted with LED lighting on the top and both sides, giving you a perfect overview of your wine collection.

Maximum recommended price: from : 2,490 € INCL. VAT

Points of sale: specialist kitchen retailers and

SKX6080DRB: 80cm specific door height

We’ve added a model with an 80 cm door to the Skagen range. With this model, we’re targeting the kitchen market with extra height. The 80 cm door is perfect for kitchens with a door height of 80 cm. Its two separate compartments mean you can set two different temperatures in the same cellar to bring several types of wine up to serving temperature, for a total of 48 bottles.

The wine cellar is equipped with LED lighting on the top and both sides, giving a perfect overview of the wine collection.

Maximum recommended price: from : 1 990 € INCL. VAT

Points of sale: specialist kitchen retailers and

All references are compatible with the Vinotag® application, developed by the Frio Group.

The application is available free of charge from the Apple Store and Android.


About the FRIO group:

As the European leader and a key global player in the wine cellar sector, Frio Entreprise offers wine cellars and wine accessories to professionals and private individuals alike, based on the expertise of its flagship brands: La Sommelière, Climadiff, Avintage, Provintech and TempTech. A partner of leading national and international distributors and kitchen designers, the group exports to more than 80 countries. Based in Arnage (near Le Mans), the Frio Group will employ around one hundred people worldwide by the end of 2021, with the integration of Temptech, and has sales of 75 million euros.

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